U.S. Patent claiming energy from Magnets


U.S. Patent 7,531,930, energy from Magnets, uses an Universally available free green energy source.  This U.S. Patent is only one very small benefit from just this one discovery called Wardforce.  Everyone who is required to look at ALL of the information, I give it to them and they agree with my findings.  Others come to uninformed conclusions.  I have published this work through the U.S.P.T.O., hoping and praying that you or one of yours will discover something much greater than "Wardforce", I have and I know that you can too.  

Who benefits from learning about, energy from Magnets, this Universally available free green energy source?  Think of the millions of new jobs, new fields of study, doing things that don't have names yet and some jobs that do have names.  Space Travel is demonstrated on video and only one more step away.  The sky is not the limit, this Universe is not the limit, there is no limit.

This is why I offer the peer reviewed paper as a book.  See for yourself.  Without all the information given, it took about a day and around $200 for me to build the two devices described in Book.