Univerisally available alternative energy

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Who will benefit from KNOWING, about a free, clean, green, renewable, alternative energy source?  The above pdf is a letter, regarding Green energy from a free, clean, renewable, Universally available alternative energy source.  My claims regarding Wardforce and energy from Magnets, have been verified by qualified people who are required to look at all the evidence.  Please sign and give this letter to School Board members, Home School, Private School, public School, College, University and any other educator.  If you look, you will see that this is not just about a green energy source, it is about Science and YOUR children's education.  


The letter explains how this book "Wardforce" (which is a result of over 40 years of research) fits with "Unit 13 Magnetic Fields and Electromagnetism", of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills).  With your help, YOUR children will be allowed to KNOW how these reactions are caused and about this alternative energy source.  With the information that I give in the book, you will KNOW how to use magnets to produce energy which demonstrates this alternative energy source.  You will SEE how Wardforce is isolated from the Poles.  You can demonstrate Space Travel on a bench which will require duplicating Gravity and Anti Gravity.  When you duplicate something, this can allow you to define it and it, is not a "Theory".

Using this alternative energy source, we show a NEW process that causes a greater change in amplitude, which means more potential energy. This NEW Alternative energy that "outputs both electrical and mechanical energy" (google.com/patents/US7531930).  Space travel demonstrated here on Earth after isolating Wardforce from the North and South Poles, demonstrating this alternative energy source and telling YOU HOW in my book.  I am telling you about just a few of the things demonstrated with these devices, that I built in less than a day and spent less than $200, and I did not have all the information given in the book. 

Who will benefit from a curriculum?  Wardforce is a part of the Magnetic Field that is not a Pole at all.  The Magnetic Field, a Magnet, is the free, clean, renewable, alternative energy source demonstrated.  Should your children be allowed to KNOW about this Free energy source?  Should YOU know about this free, clean, renewable, alternative energy source?

Will you help educate others about this free, clean, renewable, alternative energy source?  Free energy from magnets demonstrates an alternative energy which is not being used to it's full potential.  Support our efforts and share this verified Science which demonstrates an alternative energy that does not require wind, batteries, light, steam, etc .