Gravity and Anti Gravity defined by duplication.

The link above, you will find a video recorded by Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT), defining Gravity and Anti Gravity by duplication.  You will see that Steven does not discuss many of the discoveries demonstrated in these videos.  He said, "I want to inspire!  People are required to think about what they are witnessing.  After I get resources, then I will tell about some of my other discoveries, which have been duplicated. Energy from Magnets is nothing after you see the other stuff." 


Gravity and Anti Gravity defined by duplication before 2009 and YOUR children are not allowed to lean how.  Footage provided by the Texas State Board of Education from 2009.  "I have been physically going to the Texas State Board of Education since 1998.  How many more years before our students, YOUR children, are allowed to learn about this verified Science?" (Steven Ward Sr.)  Free, energy from Magnets, is only one very small benefit from just this one discovery that is call Wardforce.


Millions of NEW JOBS, doing new things, some things that don't have names yet.  A work force is required and my question is WHEN?  Who has training in this field of study, so they will be hired, it they don't teach any of this to your children? 


 Free, clean, alternative, renewable Green energy also known as Green energy recorded by an institution. Watch the video on blog from the link below.  Gravitational Force demonstrated (Gravity and Anti Gravity), duplicated and defined. The video show a piece of Steel coming towards each Pole and going away from each Pole. I call that Gravity and Anti Gravity defined by duplication.

What if more things exists? Gravitational force, what other "unseen things", Nikola Tesla, exists that no one has looked for?  How can you find something if you are not looking for it and you don't know what it is? What if Gravity can be generated?

As shown in the video below, this material is speeding up, as it passes both poles.  Is this Gravitational Force? The material is attracted to both Poles (Gravity) and repels both Poles (Anti-Gravity).